It happens to the best of us... One day you're happily running your own business, getting on with life and then BAM! You're on a stage telling people all about it and how they can do it too.

But do they really care?

From the outside looking in I've always had a different perspective. Not big on conformity (as in, I hate it), never really had to answer to anyone and always believed I could do anything I wanted to (thanks mum).

What I see around me is an entirely different world of restrictions, hurdles and battles. Most of which I've taken no heed of and powered on anyway.

People need permission. I know they care about that.

I'm not the one to give them permission but I am the one that can show them that it is possible.


My business chat


The Obstacle is The Way

One of my most recent talks, I spoke about getting cultural buy-in as the managing director of Gillies & Mackay, 'Thay Ask, You Answer' marketing and how it has transformed the business – not to mention one of my favourite customers EVER...

Tell you what – I'll stop blabbing on here – let the video do the talking. Give it a wee watch.


Succession Planning

Being 2nd generation, I'm a dab hand at succession planning.

Gillies and Mackay Ltd was founded by by dad and uncle, I am now the Managing Director of that company. The journey to M.D. was, and still is, tough (brutal, if I'm honest).

I speak about the ups and downs of change management. The heartbreaking reality of leadership and people management.

No bullshit, just practical advice on what I've learnt along the way.



Content Marketing

There is no denying the difference Content Marketing has made to my business. We are a text book case study on how 'this shit works'.

I've been doing Content Marketing since May 2015. The financial growth of Gillies and Mackay within that time has been exponential.

Through the power of video, blogs, social and our amazing website, Gillies and Mackay we are educating the shed world one Sheddie at a time.

Every question from our audience answered for our audience. Building trust and understanding before they even step through the door.

My inspirational chat


Online Vitriol & The Trolls

When you say fuck on Linkedin it can cause an almighty shit storm. Dealing with trolls was never something I thought I'd be known for.

I've had my fair share of dickhead, sexist, degrading and outright disgusting remarks thanks to my wee 'how to: fucking work from home' blog and dealing with the trolls themselves became bigger than the article.

In this presentation I explain why you only ever publish what you believe in, you stand by it, you be proud of it and above all you never apologise for it.

Dealing with online vitriol and the transferable values in everyday publishing.



Be the Influence

DIWC - it's basically 120 women in a room, from all different cultures and backgrounds, all different ages and stages of life.

And my job was to 'inspire' them... it was a BIG ask.

I spent a fair bit of time deliberating over this one and eventually went on stage with a story to tell about being the influence for the women in your life.

I did this with examples of the influence and force of power that are the women in my life.

My director of architecture, software developer, single mother and my adoptive 16 year old daughter, Sophie.

That's what they said...

For Organisers


Ideal for biggin' me up before I come on stage 😉

Cara Mackay, self proclaimed 'Most Beautiful Woman in the World'.

Otherwise known as NattyShedGirl, Cara calls bullshit on work/life balance by raising 4 children, running 2 construction businesses and still having time to make the best scrambled egg known to woman.

Defying the means, Cara is a force to be reckoned with.



High-resolution headshot images available on request

How much!?

In the United Kingdom:

15-90 minute keynote presentation:
£1000 – £2000 +VAT

Half day workshop:
£1500 – £2500 +VAT

(Travelling expenses may be additional)

If you're running an event that's nae money, is really cool, fun and exactly where I want to be on that day, I'll do it for FREE!

I will only do this a maximum of 3 times a year.

Rest of the World:

15-90 minute keynote presentation:
£3000 – £5000 +VAT

Half day workshop:
£3500 – £5500 +VAT

(Travelling expenses may be additional)

For booking enquiries:

Shedonism (noun):

A belief in Sheds and all they stand for, a sacred place just for you (and maybe a pal) to do whatever it is that makes you happy in this small time spent on earth.