The Brid

Natty Shed Life Empire

Grant Gillies and John Mackay of Gillies and Mackay have been making Sheds for over 30 years. Grant and John are honest, hardworking men and their Sheds are a testament to their worth.

In 2015 Cara Mackay became the Managing Director of Gillies and Mackay.


Cara started young in the business, stacking lengths of weatherboard for a penny a piece. She then moved in to the workshop as a tennager; a woodcutter, a machinist, a labourer and an onsite assembler. Turning her hand to anything in order to build her Shed-like expertise.

After studying an honours degree in business management for 4 years at RGU, whilst fulfilling her Business Manager role and raising her young family, Cara finally became MD.

Throughout her many years at Gillies and Mackay, Cara has witnessed rise to the Garden Office trend.

As many professionals take refuge from their busy lives, battling the work life balance, the Garden Office is the ideal solution to creating a space just for them. Increasing productivity and potential.

Cara knows too well the constraints of working from home whilst juggling children and all the responsibilities of running the house. This has spurred her latest venture; NattyShedLife. Her new Shed is called a Brid.

Specifically designed to meet all your home office needs in a beautifully constructed, fully insulated & double glazed garden office. Whether it’s crafting, therapy, beauty or online sales - it’s the perfect The Brid Empire.

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Shedonism (noun):

A belief in Sheds and all they stand for, a sacred place just for you (and maybe a pal) to do whatever it is that makes you happy in this small time spent on earth.