Rest up hard worker

Ever since I can remember Gillies and Mackay, the Sheds, was a thing. A place where everyone I knew and loved, lived and worked.

At the heart of the Sheds stands (to this day) 2 men.

Dad and Grant.

2 men who have worked tirelessly for over 30 years, providing for their families and their team. They raised me up as I’ve grown alongside and in the business that they have created. Witness to the most; genuine, caring, hardworking, honest men. Watching them as they’ve grown older along their paths.

Now I see a different future from their past, one where they can rest up and know that they don’t have to work so hard. Rest up and be assured that money isn’t a worry, that their team are looked after. Rest up and be proud of what they have created. I see Dad and Grant being able to take back from all the years they have put in.

As that day grows closer and things finally begin to get easier, I see the team around them grow older too. I realise now that it’s me that is providing, me that is working hard and me that is making a safe future. A future worth way more than a wage packet, instead a way of life.

Our Sheds are a symbol of Dad and Grant; honest, hardworking and everything that Gillies and Mackay stands for.

Our customers believe in us because they trust us to look after their hard-workers and to provide them with a place of rest, tranquility and reward.

After all the hard-work that life brings

– Let’s make the best Shed in the world –

For you, and your hard-worker too.